Grand Collapse formed in South Wales, 2011. Originally named Asylum we played our first gig above the Gower pub in Cardiff that summer. Soon after we changed the name and traveled around the UK playing to anyone who would listen. In February 2013 we recorded a self titled EP, a 3 track 7” distributed by Pumpkin Records. A year later we released our first full length album ‘Far From the Callous Crowd’ and toured regularly throughout the UK, mainland Europe and the U.S. In 2017 we recorded and released our second studio album ‘Along the Dew’. Below is a list of (I think) every gig we’ve ever played and some of the bands we shared a stage with. Thanks a million to anyone who has ever organised a show, ran the sound, made a flyer etc.


2 gigs at the Gower, Cardiff (dates unknown) 

1 at the Queens head Bristol (date unknown) 

1 at the Garage in Swansea (date unknown)


Feb 3 Canterbury Maidens Head w/ Left for Dead 

Feb 4 Brighton Cowley Club Left for Dead 

Feb 5 Southampton King Alfred

Feb 25 Newport Le Pub Authorities 

April  7 Bristol Red Lion Swinelord 

April 21  Bristol The Croft The Oppressed / Oi Polloi 

April 22 Cardiff Red & Black Umbrella  Cop on Fire 

July  7 London The Westbury Defcon Zero 

Aug  22 Bristol The Croft Subhumans 

Oct 6 Manchester Star & Garter CONFLICT 

Oct 13 Bristol The Fleece Subvert Fest

Oct 19 Bradford 1in12 Means to an End Fest

Nov  3 Pontypool Hog and Hospur Citizen Fish 

Nov 16 Bristol The Fleece CONFLICT 



Jan 31 Cardiff Moon Club w/ Fuk / The Shorts 

March 7  Newport  200 club Nu Pogodi / True Valiance 

March 24  Cardiff  Red & Black Umbrella  Two Sick Monkeys 

April  7   Bristol   Stag & Hounds   Vitamin X 

May 11 Dublin The Button Factory CONFLICT / Subhumans 

June 14 Bristol  Stag & Hounds  Bristol Punks Picnic 

July 14 Cardiff Red & Black Umbrella Ephemeral Foetus (UK TOUR) 

July 15 Brighton Cowley Club Ephemeral Foetus

July 16 London Birds Nest Ephemeral Foetus 

July 17 Norwich The Marquee Ephemeral Foetus 

July 18 Nottingham The Angel Ephemeral Foetus  

July 19 Sheffield Audacious Art Ephemeral Foetus  

July 20 Leeds Fox & Newt Ephemeral Foetus 

July 21 Manchester Wahlbar Ephemeral Foetus

Aug 23 Bristol Red Lion Cop on Fire / Primeval Soup 

Sept 7  Wrexham Penny Black Dirty Weekend Festival 

Sept 20 Ieper Vort n Vis 

Sept 21 Groningen Pino 

Sept 22 Hamburg Gun Club 

Sept 23 Dannenberg Neu Tramm 

Sept 24 Berlin Kopi 

Sept 25 Leipzig LiWi 

Sept 26 Ghent Bakunin Bar 


Feb 14 London Grosvner Born/Dead 

Mar 29 Cardiff Moon Club Discharge 

Apr 19 Portsmouth  South-Sea Social 

Apr 20 Reading The Butler Twin Dracula 

May 9 Worcester Firefly Violent Arrest 

Jun 20 Cardiff Red & Black Dropping Bombs 

June 21 Bristol Stag & Hounds ‘Album Release Show’ 

July 5 London T-Chances 

July 6 Derby The Sitwell Ephemeral Foetus 

July 7 Newcastle Trillian’s The Fiend 

July 8 Edinburgh Banshee Labyrinth 

July 9 Liverpool Maguires 

July 10 Cork Fred Zeppelins Dropping Bombs 

July 11 Galway The Warehouse Dropping Bombs 

July 12 Dublin Seomra Sproi Dropping Bombs 

Sept 20 Brighton Cowley Club Brutal Regime / Slug 

Sept 21 Aachen Autonomes Zentrum 

Sept 22 Liege La Zone Negative Approach / Reproach 

Sept 23 Groningen Bambara Fema Coffin 

Sept 25 Hamburg Rota Flora Fema Coffin 

Sept 26 Dresden Wagenplatz 

Sept 27 Leipzig Doomsday Weekend 

Sept 28 Prague Barrandov Bridge 

Sept 29 Ceske Bod. Kredance 

Sept 30 Brno Vegalite 

Oct 1 Budapest Trafik Club 

Oct 3 Berlin  Kopi  Molotov Cocktail 

Oct 4 Bremen De Friese 

Nov 15 Cardiff Moon Club Icons of Filth 

Nov 22 Bristol Exchange Subhumans


Jan Bristol Exchange Rad Not Sad Fest

April 2 Liege Pinache Inside Out Cocaine Piss 

April 3 Bremgarten Kuzeb Kuzeb Fest 

April 25 Bristol Red Lion Anarchist Bookfair 

May 1 Manchester Miners Club 0161 Fest 

May 2 Cardiff Fuel Red Sun Fest 

May 25 Bristol Motion Temples Fest 

July 4 London T-Chances DOA 

July 5 Bristol Fleece DOA 

July 11 Portsmouth Edge of the Wedge Rash Decision / Teef 

July 12 Brighton Green Door Store Rash Decision 

July 13 London Birds Nest Rash Decision 

July 14 Manchester Ducie Bridge 

July 15 Edinburgh Banshee Labyrinth Down To Kill 

July 16 Glasgow 13th Note 

July 17 Leeds Primrose 

July 18 Liverpool Maguires 

Aug 1 Newport Le Pub Violent Arrest 

Aug 15 Bristol Exchange MDC 


Sep 12 Bristol The Chelsea Telepathy 

Sep 13 Basingstoke Sanctuary This Ends Here 

Sep 15 Gent Landhuis Zaga Zaga 

Sep 16 Bremen Sielwellhaus BOB FEST 

Sep 17 Groningen Bambara 

Sep 18 Hamburg Faerstrasse 105 

Sep 19 Copenhagen Ungdomshuset 

Sep 22 Berlin Kopi 

Sep 23 Jena Kassablanca Bleit 

Sep 24 Dresden AZ Conni 

Sep 25 Amsterdam Vrankrijk Nervosas 

Sep 26 Antwerp Antwerp Music City Cocaine Piss 

Oct 30 Cardiff Moon Police Bastard 

Nov 21 London  The Unicorn 


Feb 18 Colchester Three Wise Monkeys Telepathy 

Feb 19 Sheffield Audacious Art Experiment Carnist 

Feb 20 Bath Belvedere Castle Pizzatramp

Mar 26 Cardiff Moon Club Hunt Sab benefit  

Apr 21 Manchester Retro Bar MANCHESTER PUNK FEST 

June 3 Bristol Louisiana Restarts 

June 17 Los Angeles, CA Five Star Bar  CONFLICT

June 19 Santa Anna, CA The Observatory CONFLICT

June 20 Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas Saloon CONFLICT

June 22 Phoenix, AZ Rebel Lounge 

June 23 El Paso, TX The Lowbrow Place 

June 24 San Antonio, TX The Korova 

June 25 Houston, TX 

June 26 Corp. Christie, TX Bone Shakers 

June 27 Brownsville, TX BAM 

June 29 Austin, TX The Lost Well 

June 30 Dallas, TX The Curtain Club 

July 1 Bryan TX

Aug 14 London T-Chances CHIMPY FEST 

Oct 14 Bristol Blue Mountain 

Oct 22 Newport Le Pub Shot! 

Nov 5 Manchester Retro Bar Consumed 

Dec 31 London The Unicorn Conflict 


Mar 11 London The Unicorn Reproach 

Mar 31 Portsmouth The Festing 

April 1 Paris Le Klub 

April 2 Swizerland KuZeB KuZeB Fest 

April 15 Manchester Sound Control MPF 2017 

May 20 Bristol Stag & Hounds 'Along The Dew' Album Release 

May 25 Cardiff Transport Club Regret 

May 26 Leeds Temple of Boom Regret 

May 27 Sheffield Lughole Dark Thoughts 

May 28  York Fulford Arms 

May 29 Dundee Conroy's Basement Boak 

May 30 Glasgow Nice'N'Sleazy Sick of Talk 

May 31 Edinburgh Banshee Labyrinth 

June 1 Liverpool Drop The Dumbulls Riggotts 

June 2 Belfast Warzone Centre 

June 3 Dublin Jigsaw 

June 9 Newport Le Pub Pizztramp 

Aug 19 Cardiff Buffalo Bar Da Iawn Fest 

Aug 25 Newport Le Public Space Opening Gig 

Sep 1 Bristol Black Swan Common Ground  

Oct 12 Cardiff Full Moon 

Oct 13 Bristol Surrey Vaults Fair Do's 

Oct 14 Southampton Talking Heads Fair Do's 

Oct 15 Birmingham Wagon & Horses Fair Do's 

Oct 16 Manchester Fuel Fair Do's 

Oct 17 Lincoln Liquor Nieviem

Oct 18 Norwich Owl Sanctuary 

Oct 19 Ipswich The Smokehouse Casual Nausea / Spoilers

Oct 20 London Luna Lounge 

Oct 21 Brighton Green Door Store Watchcries 

Oct 21 Hastings The Palace Watchcries 

Oct 29 London The Windmill Pizzatramp 

Dec 31 Bristol Red Lion BNA NYE Party 


Jan 4 Cardiff Buffalo Bar No Pulse 

Jan 19 Cardiff Cathays Centre Youth Avoiders 

Jan 20 Manchester  Gullivers  Youth Avoiders 

Feb 23 Kingston Fighting Cocks Rotten Foxes  

May 18 Manchester Gullivers

May 19 Birmingham Wagon & Horses Regret

May 31 Newport Le Pub Ducking Punches

Jun 22 Brighton The Albert Youth Avoiders

Jun 29 York Fulford Arms Swinefest

Jun 30 Stamford Mama Liz’ Skate Aid

Jul 20 Aalst (BE) Cinema

Jul 21 Liege Peniche Legia No Dirty Rules Fest

Jul 28 London The Dome Wonkfest

Aug 4 Bristol Crofters Rights Olanza

Aug 10 Boomtown Fair

Sep 8 Cambridge Portland Arms

Sep 9 Canterbury Lady Luck Rotten Foxes

Sep 10 Portsmouth Edge of the Wedge Hack Job

Sep 11 London Birds Nest The KADT

Sep 12 Le Havre (FR) McDaids Without Skin

Sep 13 Lille (FR)

Sep 14 Amsterdam (NL) Vrankrijk Extinction of Mankind

Sep 15 Bremen (DE) De Friese

Sep 16 Copenhagen (DK) Ungdomshuset

Sep 17 Hamburg Hafenklang (DE) Civilsed Society?

Sep 18 Berlin (DE) Kopi Civilised Society?

Sep 19 Chemnitz (DE) AJZ Talschock

Sep 21 Hof (DE) Practise Room

Sep 22 Ulm Club Schilli I Saw Daylight

Sep 23 Frankfurt AU Spitting Nails

Oct 6 London The Black Heart Who Cares?

Oct 13 Bristol The Exchange


April 13 Cardiff Fuel

April 19 Bath Moles BOB Fest

April 20 Bristol Golden Lion Adrenalized

April 21 Manchester The Union Manchester Punk Festival

May 3 Sheffield Hatch

May 4 Bradford 1in12

May 5 Liverpool Maguires

May 31 Brighton The Pipeline

June 1 London New Cross Inn

June 2 Southampton Shooting Star

June 15 Pontypridd Clwb Y Bont

July 13 Abertillery Crown

Aug 10 Bristol Exchange FUK / Migraines